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AVR Development on Ubuntu

It is pretty easy to get started with AVR development under Linux.  Here are the steps I use to set up a C development environment under Ubuntu.  Install these packages: sudo apt-get install avr-libc gcc-avr binutils-avr avrdude To build, you … Continue reading

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Reading the OBD – Part 3 – Software

The software for the CAN reader was pretty straightforward.  The Arduino continuously polls the MCP2510 over SPI to see if a transmission has been received.  When one is found, it reads the data out of the receive buffer and transmits … Continue reading

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Reading the OBD – Part 2 – Hardware

After looking around at CAN controllers, I settled on the MCP2510 by Microchip.  It takes care of all the low-level CAN stuff for you, allowing you to just read the CAN messages over SPI.  It also has hardware message filtering … Continue reading

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