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FazCAN Shield v2.0

After a few months of off-and-on work, I finally have version 2.0 of the CanShield ready! I received some good feedback from users and had several ideas of my own I wanted to implement. Now called FazCAN to differentiate from … Continue reading

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CanShield Software Update

I’ve been poking around with the CanShield software recently to try to clean it up. I felt that the first release was a bit cumbersome to use and had some maintenance disadvantages for me. As I’ve been considering adding features, … Continue reading

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CAN Shield Kits and Software

After a busy holiday season, I finally got around to finishing up the CAN Shield software and putting together the kits. The kits are now available in the products section! I’ve also uploaded the first release of the CAN Shield … Continue reading

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Can Shield Assembled

It works!

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Boards Are In!

The CAN boards have arrived from Gold Phoenix!  The turnaround time was amazing.  I was quoted a five day lead time, plus shipping time.  I fully expected to wait at least two weeks for manufactuing and shipping.  Yet here they … Continue reading

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SparkFun CAN Shield

After all my work on the CAN shield, I opened up my RSS reader this morning, and saw that SparkFun beat me to it! One of SparkFun’s newest products is a CAN shield of their own. It looks like a … Continue reading

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All-Purpose CAN Shield

After working on the CAN bus reader on Arduino, I thought it would be interesting to work it up into a full Arduino shield for use in any CAN network. In particular, it could be a nice alternative to XBee … Continue reading

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Reading the OBD – Part 3 – Software

The software for the CAN reader was pretty straightforward.  The Arduino continuously polls the MCP2510 over SPI to see if a transmission has been received.  When one is found, it reads the data out of the receive buffer and transmits … Continue reading

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Reading the OBD – Part 2 – Hardware

After looking around at CAN controllers, I settled on the MCP2510 by Microchip.  It takes care of all the low-level CAN stuff for you, allowing you to just read the CAN messages over SPI.  It also has hardware message filtering … Continue reading

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Reading the OBD – Part 1

Several years ago, I read somewhere about the on-board diagnostic (OBD) systems in cars and got excited.  There’s a whole heap of stuff your car is just dying to tell you, and all you have to do is know how … Continue reading

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